How much does it cost to come out and watch?

Spectators are free. It cost nothing to come out and watch the races. 


What do I wear to race?

First off you need to be dressed appropriate.  You need to have long sleeve shirt or jacket, and long pants covering the knees. Elbow pads and knee pads with shin guards will also do.  Also no open toed shoes or crocs, we would like you to finish the day with the same amount of toes you started with.  You will also need a helmet, we suggest a closed face helmet, but the open faced ones will work.


Do I need a special bike?

Almost any bike will do, but first you may need to make some modifications.  Start by removing the chain guard, reflector, kickstand, and any wheel pegs.  Also you want to make sure that there is no metal sticking out of the hand grips.  Most younger riders start on bike with 20" wheels.


How much is an USABMX Membership?

To ride at an USABMX sanctioned track you need to have an USABMX membership.  You can ride for one day without a membership but after that you will need to purchase a membership.  One year membership cost is $45 a year.  You will start receiving the PULL Magazine in about a month after signing up, this fee also covers a supplemental insurance.  You will also receive one free race at West Texas BMX.  This also enables you to race at any USABMX track around the country.  There are discounts for additional family members that sign-up.


How much are the race fees?

We charge $2 to practice and $10 to race.  This fee help cover the cost of keeping up the track, buying trophies and paying any bills the track might have. No one here at West Texas BMX is paid.  We are a 100% volunteer run organization.


Sound like fun, but I don't have a bike or a helmet.

We have a few loaner bikes and helmets.